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Information and Planning

February Planner from Red Barn Garden Center:

Plant bare-root and container fruit trees, blackberries, and grapes as soon as possible, so they will be established for spring.

Transplant dormant trees, shrubs and roses now. Trim top back 1/3 to ½ to compensate for root loss and shock. Don’t forget to use Root Stimulator, Superthrive, Vitazyme or Liquid Seaweed to help with transplant shock.

Spray dormant oil on fruit trees and evergreens now if you have not already done so, to prevent scale and for insect control etc.

It is a great time to plant veggies such as Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Collards, Chard, Potatoes, Lettuce, Shallots, and Turnips just to name a few. Soak beans and peas overnight in a Vitazyme solution or use Inocculant to help in sprouting. Use a good soil to insure success. We carry organic soils and amendments made by Back to Nature and Lady Bug, and Organics by Gosh to name a few.

Corn can be planted in late Feb. You will have fewer worms if planted early.

You may want to get Tomato and Pepper plants started inside or green house. Protect from freeze.

Prune deciduous trees and oak trees now. Don’t forget to seal open ends and cuts with pruning paint or spray to protect from insect damage. Avoid oak tree pruning from Feb. 15 thru June 15th to prevent oak wilt.

Plant spring bulbs now. Fertilize Iris, Calla Lily, and fall planted bulbs with a 3-1-2 ratio fertilizer or organic fertilizer like Rose Glo . Divide if needed every two or three years.

Fertilize trees and evergreens with a 3-1-2 ratio fertilizer also.

Wait until March for lawn fertilizer when grass is active and mowed at least twice. You can use organic fertilizers at any time. They bind with the soil and will not wash away.

Apply pre-emergent for weed control. Corn Gluten (liquid or granular) or pre-emergents are used for weed control.

Watch for broad leaf or grassy weeds. Use 20% Vinegar as a contact kill or other liquid post-emergent herbicides for existing weeds. (Note: Some cool season grassy weeds die back naturally with the onset of heat)

If you have any other gardening questions or needs, please visit Red Barn Garden Center at 12881 Pond Springs Road and let one of our experienced nursery professionals help you.

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Get the best annual plants of the season by stopping by our Austin, Texas, nursery today.

March is the time to get busy outdoors and plant, plant, plant.   The sooner you plant the quicker your plants will become established before the heat of summer.  However, March weather can change from day to day, so be prepared to protect anything newly planted if there is a late cold spell with Insulate.  The average last freeze date for Austin area is March 8th.

Top dress lawn with Dillo Dirt, Nature’s Blend, or fine compost now to encourage grass to fill in bare areas.  Mow grass short to get ready for new growth.  Bag 1st and 2nd cut and use in compost pile if needed.  Fertilize with a slow release fertilizer mid to late March.  Ladybug is an all natural fertilizer.  Ladybug Fertilizer is a granular 25 lb. bag which covers up to 4000 square feet.  Ladybug Fertilizer is great for trees and shrubs also.   If you are not sure what your soil needs, Red Barn has soil test kits and testing packets with instructions to send off for a variety of testing.  Don’t forget to keep those pesky weed seeds from germinating with a pre-emergent such as Corn Gluten and or we can recommend a post emergent for existing weeds.  Bring a sample in a plastic baggie and one of our associates will help you chose the one for you.  Look for slugs or snails around hostas etc, Treat with Sluggo or diatomaceous earth.  If you have fire ant mounds, try an organic spinosad bait (Come and Get It), or drench.   Orange oil will drive them out.  Red Barn carries beneficial nematodes that can be applied to your soil to kill grubs, fleas, ticks fire ants and other below the ground pests. Use live Ladybugs to devour aphids, and other insects, on plants.