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May Gardening Tips

Now is the time to plant hot-weather perennials and enjoy their blooms this summer.  Try some that thrive in our Central Texas heat -- Yellow Bells Esperanza, Pride of Barbados, Firebush, Hardy Hibiscus, Lantana, Katie’s Dwarf Ruellia, Plumbago, Mexican Bush Sage, Salvia Greggii, or Thryallis, to name just a few.   Plant some of these and you will have color even during the heat of summer!

Don’t forget the Root Stimulator, Seaweed, or Vitazyme and proper compost and mulch.

Continue to fertilize blooming annuals and perennials through the summer time.  Red Barn carries several organic and natural fertilizers.  Actively growing plants need food to stay healthy and vigorous. Plant warm season annuals such as Vinca, Penta, Zinnia, and Moss Rose to name a few.  Knock Out Roses are still performing great.  Feed all you blooming plants with Rose Glo to keep the beautiful.

Red Barn just received a new selection of roses.  Hybrid Teas, Climbing Roses, Drift Roses, Knock Outs and more. Why give Mom a dozen roses when you can give her hundreds from her own rose bush.

Practice water conservation – always water plants deeply and you will need to water less frequently.  Trees especially need deep watering.  The biggest mistake people make is lightly watering the ground under their trees and expecting this to help the tree survive a long, hot Texas summer!  Remember, the deeper you water, the less often you will have to water. We carry Soil Moist and other water retention products.

MULCH, MULCH, MULCH!!!  Another key component of your water conservation program should be applying a 2-3 inch thick layer of mulch over all bare soil areas.  Keep the mulch pulled back from plant stems and trunks to prevent swelling and insects. 

Unfortunately, we will probably see large pest populations this summer.  Spider mites are already being seen on stressed plants.  Also be on the lookout for grubs and fire ants and expect chinch bugs to make an appearance when the weather gets hot.  Red Barn carries Captain Jack products, Fertilome products, etc.  for your bug problem needs.  Try Beneficial Nematodes for an organic approach to fleas, ticks, grubs, fire ants, and more. Go Green with Red Barn. .  Ask us for help!!! 

Please stop by Red Barn Garden Center at 12881 Pond Springs Road and let us help you with all your gardening needs..  We’ll even help you load your car!

Get the best annual plants of the season by stopping by our Austin, Texas, nursery today.

March is the time to get busy outdoors and plant, plant, plant.   The sooner you plant the quicker your plants will become established before the heat of summer.  However, March weather can change from day to day, so be prepared to protect anything newly planted if there is a late cold spell with Insulate.  The average last freeze date for Austin area is March 8th.

Top dress lawn with Dillo Dirt, Nature’s Blend, or fine compost now to encourage grass to fill in bare areas.  Mow grass short to get ready for new growth.  Bag 1st and 2nd cut and use in compost pile if needed.  Fertilize with a slow release fertilizer mid to late March.  Ladybug is an all natural fertilizer.  Ladybug Fertilizer is a granular 25 lb. bag which covers up to 4000 square feet.  Ladybug Fertilizer is great for trees and shrubs also.   If you are not sure what your soil needs, Red Barn has soil test kits and testing packets with instructions to send off for a variety of testing.  Don’t forget to keep those pesky weed seeds from germinating with a pre-emergent such as Corn Gluten and or we can recommend a post emergent for existing weeds.  Bring a sample in a plastic baggie and one of our associates will help you chose the one for you.  Look for slugs or snails around hostas etc, Treat with Sluggo or diatomaceous earth.  If you have fire ant mounds, try an organic spinosad bait (Come and Get It), or drench.   Orange oil will drive them out.  Red Barn carries beneficial nematodes that can be applied to your soil to kill grubs, fleas, ticks fire ants and other below the ground pests. Use live Ladybugs to devour aphids, and other insects, on plants.