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Winter Gardening Tips from Red Barn Garden Center Winter Gardening Tips from Red Barn Garden Center Winter Gardening Tips from Red Barn Garden Center

Winter Gardening Tips from Red Barn Garden Center:

Red Barn has Fresh Cut Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Garland,  Amaryllis, Paper Whites, Christmas Cactus, etc. available in December.

It‘s time to prepare your beds, trees and lawn for the winter.  Clean out all leaves and debris from your beds.  Mulch your beds with a 2 to 4 inch layer to conserve moisture and insulate your plant roots from the cold.  Mulch also prevents winter weed seeds such as oxalis, henbit, chickweed, winter clover along with many others from germinating.  There is still time to plant winter color such as Pansies, Snapdragons, Dianthus, Kale, and Cyclamen for shade.

Whenever a freeze threatens, water your lawn and beds thoroughly.  Drought stressed pants are less able to withstand subfreezing temperatures.  Cover tender plants with a frost cloth such as Insulate during freezing periods.  Rake up fallen leaves from your lawn.  Keep lawn watered during dry periods as the roots are still actively growing.   Use a pre-emergent to prevent winter weeds.

Move houseplants and tender tropical plants indoors for the winter.  Reduce water and fertilizer to your houseplants and tropical plants as they will slowdown in growth for the winter.

Winter is a great time to plant landscape hardy trees and shrubs.  Their roots grow all winter for established roots and lots of growth this coming spring.

Prune perennials after the first killing frost.  Prune evergreens shrubs, shade and fruit trees, (best time is just before bud break), summer, and fall flowering shrubs.  Do not prune spring flowering shrubs such as Azaleas and Spirea, (they have already set buds for blooms). 

Prepare your vegetable garden by adding compost and turning it in.  Plant  Elbon Rye as a cover crop to prevent weeds.  Turn Elbon Rye into your beds about 4 weeks before planting to add nitrogen to the soil.  Start Spring vegetable seeds indoors under lights in late January to mid February for a quick start in spring.  You can Plant your Onion Sets now for a strong root system.

Winter is always a great time to plan your spring plantings of flowers, perennials and vegetables.  Use dormant oil on trees, fruit trees, and shrubs to prevent insect pests in spring.



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