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 A drive around town will show several hardy plants still blooming.  Lantana, Zinnias, Vinca, Coleus, Hardy Hibiscus, Ice Plant, Coneflower, Pride of Barbados, Sedum, Red Yucca, Yellow Bells, Vitex, Salvias and more.  Don’t forget Angelonia, Fall Asters, Mexican Bush Sage, and Mexican Mint Marigold for great fall color. 

Now is the time to prepare your garden beds for fall.  Clean up established beds, deadhead perennials and annuals, remove any dead or diseased plants.  If preparing a new bed, you need to amend your soil by adding compost and working it into the existing soil.


Be on the lookout for Aphids.  Look for telltale sticky drops on crape myrtles, oaks, pecans, elms and others.  If this problem is not controlled, it will develop into black sooty mold.  So eliminate the aphids. 

Watch for chinch bug damage in your lawns sunniest, driest areas (usually closest to driveways and sidewalks.)

Check for those mealy bugs, scale etc.  They attack the weak and under-cared for plants in your beds and garden.

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Prune roses by mid-August no more than 1/3 to encourage fall blooming.  Do not remove all foliage when cutting back as the rose canes will scald without the foliage protection.  Clean pruning utensils often to stop disease transfer from rose to rose.  Roses also need to be fertilized at this time to ready them for fall blooms.    Rose Tone by Espoma and Rose Glow Fertilizer by Maistro Grow are organic fertilizers.

Water is critical for new and established plants and trees.  Mulch all beds, trees, plants for moisture and weed control.  Root stimulator, Super Thrive, or Liquid Seaweed will get you some extra root system to protect from shock.

Are you looking for a tough plant for your garden – one that can face drought, hungry deer (check your neighborhood first, hungry deer can’t read), blazing heat, and is blooming this time of year??  Try a Pride of Barbados, Poinciana Red Bird of Paradise, Caesalpinia pulcherrima.  Whatever you want to call it; it is blooming all over town with those beautiful exotic looking red-orange and yellow blooms   This wonderful 6 foot shrub goes dormant to the ground in winter and when the soil temp is warm, bursts out for full growth each year.  Red Barn has 2 gallon pots and one gallon pots for you.  While supplies last.

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Finally, don’t forget your fall vegetable garden.  Plant tomatoes, peppers, squash, corn, beans, and cucumbers by mid-August.  There is still time to plant many different vegetable seeds and plants.  Get your beds ready for fall veggies such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts, etc.  Don’t forget to replenish any herbs that are finished with fresh ones for the best taste.   We have a fall vegetable planting guide for you and handouts to help you.  Stop by Red Barn Garden Center and let one of our nursery professionals help you with your gardening needs.

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