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It is fall vegetable planting time.  You will find a great selection of Broccoli, Spinach, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Swiss Chard, Collards, Kale, and others for your vegetable needs.  There is still time for squash, Snap Beans and Cucumbers, Turnips.  Visit Red Barn for a Fall Planting Guide. We have a great selection of seeds too. Don’t forget to tend to your herb garden.   Remove flower spikes from basil etc.    You can cut back herbs and remove the leaves, dry , chop and freeze in a shallow layers in a freezer bag and break off what you need later for cooking.

Onion sets will be here late November. 

We see a glimmer of hope for cooler weather.  It is time to re-pot houseplants that you have on your deck or porch and get them ready to go indoors later.   Trim off ¼ to 1/3 of the root ball if needed.  Fresh potting soil such as Vortex or Fertilome, etc. should be used.  Check the drain holes to make sure they are free of clogs and the bottom inside of pots to make sure they are free of pests.  Potted plants are the ideal hiding place for pill bugs, ants, and other pests that feed on the plant roots.  A piece of screen placed over the drain hole and secured by pea gravel or soil will help to keep them from coming in.  Trim tops if needed to give them a chance to recover before being taken inside for the winter. Water and pull back in lower light to get them ready for the house.

This is a transition time for annuals.   Most annuals are still going strong.  Begonias, Petunias, Mums, and Marigolds are great transition plants before Pansies, Snapdragons, Lobelia, Alyssum, Calendula, Dianthus, etc. and are ready.

It is time to sow wildflower seeds. Blue Bonnets. Wildflower Mix. The new selection is in Red Barn.

Cut back perennials if needed.  Be careful not to give much fertilizer.  You do not want encourage them to grow much before the winter.   Iris and other bulbs may need to be divided now if the bed is too thick. Visit us at Red Barn and we will give you advice of the proper technique.

Replenish mulch in all beds, around trees, etc. to ensure a protected root system for the winter and for water retention.
Some of your shrubs such as Sweet Olive, Roses, Autumn Sage, Mexican Bush Sage, and Gulf Muhly will burst in to bloom for the fall.  Do not prune Spring Flowering shrubs such Camellias, Viburnum, Primrose Jasmine, Flowering Quince, spring blooming Azaleas, etc. because the already have flower buds set.

You are approaching tree pruning time.  Live oak can be pruned to open the canopy for new grass and understory growth.  Seal cut branches with pruning paint and sterilize equipment to minimize insects and diseases problems.  Wait until deciduous trees are dormant to prune limbs and branches.

Start thinking about pre-emergent weed protection now such as corn gluten.  Fertilize grass with Ladybug  8-2-4, Medina Growin Green, or Texas Tee Fertilizer.  Visit our special events page for information on Fall Classes and of course Pumpkin Patch starting Oct 1 and Pumpkinfest (Oct. 17, 10AM-4PM) .  Fun in the Fall!!!  Thank you and we invite you to visit Red Barn Garden Center any time.  We are Austin Proud/Texas Friendly.

Get the best annual plants of the season by stopping by our Austin, Texas, nursery today.

March is the time to get busy outdoors and plant, plant, plant.   The sooner you plant the quicker your plants will become established before the heat of summer.  However, March weather can change from day to day, so be prepared to protect anything newly planted if there is a late cold spell with Insulate.  The average last freeze date for Austin area is March 8th.

Top dress lawn with Dillo Dirt, Nature’s Blend, or fine compost now to encourage grass to fill in bare areas.  Mow grass short to get ready for new growth.  Bag 1st and 2nd cut and use in compost pile if needed.  Fertilize with a slow release fertilizer mid to late March.  Ladybug is an all natural fertilizer.  Ladybug Fertilizer is a granular 25 lb. bag which covers up to 4000 square feet.  Ladybug Fertilizer is great for trees and shrubs also.   If you are not sure what your soil needs, Red Barn has soil test kits and testing packets with instructions to send off for a variety of testing.  Don’t forget to keep those pesky weed seeds from germinating with a pre-emergent such as Corn Gluten and or we can recommend a post emergent for existing weeds.  Bring a sample in a plastic baggie and one of our associates will help you chose the one for you.  Look for slugs or snails around hostas etc, Treat with Sluggo or diatomaceous earth.  If you have fire ant mounds, try an organic spinosad bait (Come and Get It), or drench.   Orange oil will drive them out.  Red Barn carries beneficial nematodes that can be applied to your soil to kill grubs, fleas, ticks fire ants and other below the ground pests. Use live Ladybugs to devour aphids, and other insects, on plants.