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March Gardening Tips

WOW! Can you believe this weather!!!!!

March is the time to get busy outdoors and plant, plant, plant.   The sooner you plant the quicker your plants will become established before the heat of summer.  However, March weather can change from day to day, so be prepared to protect anything newly planted if there is a late cold spell with Insulate.  The average last freeze date for Austin area is March 8th.

Fertilize with a slow release fertilizer mid to late March.  Ladybug is an all natural fertilizer.  Ladybug Fertilizer is a granular 25 lb. bag which covers up to 4000 square feet.  Ladybug Fertilizer is great for trees and shrubs also.    Don’t forget to keep those pesky weed seeds from germinating with a pre-emergent such as Corn Gluten.   Look for organic answers, Red Barn has a great supply of Organic fertilizers, insect deterring products, and plant supplements and food.   Red Barn carries beneficial nematodes that can be applied to your soil to kill grubs, fleas, ticks fire ants and other below the ground pests. Use live Ladybugs to devour aphids, and other insects, on plants.

March Tips

Clean beds of debris and apply fresh compost and Texas Hardwood Mulch around existing shrubs trees and plants. This may be a good time to start a compost pile.  We have compost starter.

You may want to plant transition annuals such as Begonias, Petunias, Dianthus, and Lobelia just to name a few.  If you still have Pansies, Snapdragons, Stock plants etc. don’t forget to feed them.

March is also a good time to divide and or transplant perennials.  Doing so will lessen the transplant shock when it gets hot. Don’t forget to use Superthrive or Seaweed to lessen the transplant shock.  Hummingbirds will be returning soon so get your feeder ready or plant flowering plants the attract them such as Mist flower, Coral Honeysuckle, Salvias, Turks Cap, Firecracker Plant, Plumbago and more.

Now is a great time to plant shrubs and trees.  Check out our great selection of water wise, low maintenance and native and adapted plants that handle our hot dry summers.  Don’t forget root stimulator, compost and mulch to give your plant or tree the best chance.  Water deeply when needed to get moisture all the way down to the root system.  It is best to use a drip system or drip hose.

Edible Gardening time!  Red Barn has a huge selection of vegetables and herbs for all of your gardening needs.  Plant lettuce, peas, beans corn, peppers, Tomatoes, and more.  Keep seeds well watered for better germination.  Watch temperatures for cold nights.  Be prepared to cover them as well with Insulate.   Ask us for our vegetable planting guide for the right planting dates for our area.

Drop by Red Barn Garden Center at 12881 Pond Springs Road, Austin, TX. 78729 and one of our nursery professionals will be happy to assist you with all of your gardening needs.

Come by and pick up your free Native and Adapted Landscape Plant Guide.   Keep Austin Green.

Happy Gardening from Red Barn Garden Center.  Austin Proud/Texas Friendly